ASCO 2019 | Should patients with FLT3-ITD receive allo-HSCT?

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At the 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago, US,  Michael Heuser from Hannover Medical School, Hannover, DE, discusses whether patients with FLT3-ITD should receive allo-HSCT. In Europe, allo-HSCT has been distinguished for the allelic ratio, there are patients that have an allelic ratio of 0.5 and patients that have an allelic ratio of 0.5 or higher. Dr. Heuser explains how patients with higher FLT3 ratio are the ones at risk. Dr. Heuser then explains how MPN1 plays an important role with FLT3, and therefore patients are categorized depending on MPN1 or FLT3, MPN1 either in the favorable risk group or in the intermediate risk group; or if they only have a higher FLT3 ratio even in the adverse group. Dr. Heuser explains how there is now a debate surrounding patients with an MPN1 mutation and how a lower FLT3-ITD ratio patient may do well with chemotherapy consolidation.

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