Dr Isolda Fernandez

Steering Committee Member

FUNDALEU, Buenos Aires, AR

Dr. Fernandez is the head of hematology Department of FUNDALEU- Hospitalization and Clinical Research Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is also a physician Haematologist of the Centro de Hematología Pavlovsky.

Dr. Fernandez became a physician at the University of Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina in 1981. She then specialized in Internal Medicine at the College of Physicians of the Province of Santa Fe in 1985. After which, she became a specialist in hematology certified by the Ministry of Health and Social Work and for the Argentina Society of Hematology in 1996.

Her main research interest includes stem cell research, small molecule inhibitors, adoptive, cell therapy, cell cycle and novel agents. Dr Isolda is a member of the oncohematology committee of the Argentina Society of Hematology. She is currently the chairman of the AML Committee of the Argentine Group for the Treatment of Acute Leukemia.